Surly UrCHIN

we bring absurd dreams to screen.


award-winning production and post-production

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Surly Urchin has produced award-winning short films, commercials, and music videos. We bring to life sweeping stories for productions on any scale. With extensive post-production expertise, Surly Urchin Studios specializes in setting up productions for integration with all manner of special effects, from practical effects to high-end VFX compositing. Through our finished-product mindset, experience,  and resourcefulness, we can accomplish otherwise impossible cinematic feats.


Few aspects of a story are more important than the pace and delivery of its telling. Whether cutting a Surly Urchin original narrative or bringing your vision to the screen, we see the editing process as the crux of the cinematic process.

We offer digital matte painting, extensive effects compositing, full CG environments, 3D modeling and animation, and more.