FABLE CRY  (band)

"Surly Urchin Studios has been our go-to film company since 2010.  They have done multiple videos with us, from edited live footage to narrative short films and full-on, highly produced music videos.  Ryan Rehnborg can take your vision, and help turn it into something even more spectacular than you had imagined.  His dedication to a project is mind-boggling, as he works at a steady pace with professionalism and efficiency, while allowing you to enjoy the entire process too - it’s both reassuring and contagiously inspiring!  I have always felt in good hands with Surly Urchin Studios."

BOB PONDILLO (Director, "Happy New Year, Mr. Kates")


"I worked with Ryan and the Surly Urchin Studio folks on my award-winning short film HAPPY NEW YEAR, MR. KATES!  Surly Urchin was with me every step of the way, too.  From their outstanding, creative editing, to special visual effects, to seamless pickup shots after the film was assembled, Surly Urchin was absolutely outstanding.  They did so much more than "technical" work on the film -- Ryan has a fine sense of performance, and storytelling as well.  Assembling a movie is all about making the right choices, and Ryan has the nuanced eye of a working director.  What can I say, I trust him!  I simply can't recommend his work more highly.  Next film I make, I'd feel a lot more comfortable knowing Ryan (and Surly Urchin) was  standing by my side.  No hype, man, fact!"




"Surly Urchin Studios is easily one of the best film studios in Nashville. They've turned our wildest and craziest ideas into reality --- and that's saying something!"

MICHAEL BUTTS (Director, "Hair of the Dog")

"I’ve had the honor and privilege to have Ryan and Surly Urchin Studios on board to produce a music video, promos, and a narrative short all involving Hair of the Dog. Surly Urchin and the team are not only dedicated to the job but are professional on all levels. I hope to work with Surly Urchin again."


"Ryan and his team at Surly Urchin Studios were incredible. The level of professionalism, creativity, and dedication can be seen in every frame. You might be asking yourself, 'Is Ryan a wizard?' Well, if conjuring images that provoke your deepest desires is magic, then he is the Merlin of the video multiverse."

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